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5 Simple Tricks For An Interesting Mix Instantly

Every artist wants an interesting mix! We all want our final song to sound amazing and interesting. But we always wonder how? So, here are 5 simple tricks to make your mix sound more interesting instantly!

Photo by Clam Lo

1. Use Ambience

We often ignore the benefits of using ambience sound in the background. Ambience fills up the blank space in your song. Even some ambience sound at a very low volume polishes your song. You can use crowd noise as ambience to make your song sound more energetic. Or, you can use some rain or nature sound to develop a mood in your song.

2. Sample Things Around You

We often forget the things around us. Almost everything has its own unique sound. You can sample almost everything. Just look around and record some interesting sounds. Slap your table, make noises with kitchen utensils or record your car sounds! You can record anything (just make sure you don't harm anyone or break any law😜)

3. Use Reverse Reverb Effect

Reverse reverb helps listeners to guess what's coming. It helps us to introduce new elements in our song. Just apply huge reverb at the beginning of the sound and render it. Now, just reverse the rendered audio and add it to your song.

4. Use White Noise

You probably might not have used white noise before while producing music. However, white noise can help you a lot to make your mix more interesting. There are many creative uses of white noise. You can use it as the ambience in the background or you can use it as a riser. You can add and automate different effects like EQ or reverb to make it more interesting.

5. Automate Panning

You may already know this tip but do you ever use it? Generally, we just leave the pan position of every instrument and other things the same throughout the song. However, we can create an interesting stereo image by automating the pan positions of different elements of the song. It may not bring a huge change in the mono playback but it will make your song sound amazing in stereo. So, what are you waiting for? Go and automate those knobs!

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