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Best Budget MIDI Keyboards/Controllers | 2021

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

1. Akai MPK Mini MK3

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How can we not include the favorite choice of producers all over the world! This controller comes with 8 programmable pads and 25 piano style keys. It also comes with 8 knobs, a joystick and some other buttons which makes MIDI programming easier. This is definitely bang for the buck.

2. M-Audio Keystation Mini

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This is a 32-key midi controller. It does not come with any pads. It is a good quality midi controller with smaller keys. It also comes with Ableton live lite and Pro Tools First. It is very compact, doesn't take much space and is travel friendly.

3. Alesis V25

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This is a powerful midi controller. It comes with 25 Piano-style keys, 8 pads, pitch and mod shift control wheels. It also comes with 4 assignable knobs and 4 assignable buttons. This is a great choice for producers who prefer full size keys but in a compact form factor.

4. Novation Launchkey Mini

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This is definitely a bang for the buck! You get almost everything a midi controller should have in budget! You get 16 programmable pads and 25 keys. It also includes 8 adjustable knobs and pitch/mod sliders.

5. Arturia MiniLab MkII

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This one is also a great choice just like Novation Launchkey. If you are into using more knobs and smaller keys, this one is definitely for you! It comes with 16 knobs, 8 pads and 25 keys. Just like other MIDI controllers, it also include pitch/mod control sliders.

6. Akai Professional LPK25

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The cheapest of all. LPK 25 is the most affordable midi controller. This one is great if you are tight on budget! It comes with 25 keys and some adjustable buttons. This one is only for those who are on a tight budget. I would highly recommend other controllers on this list if your budget is more.

7. Akai Professional MPD218

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This one is definitely a great choice for you if you are more into playing with pads instead of keys. It is affordable and it looks nice too. It comes with 16 pads and 6 knobs. This one is useful for those who want to program drums or rhythm instruments as that's easier on this type of controllers.

8. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Komplete Kontrol A25

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This one is on the expensive side of budget controllers. It comes just under $200. It comes with 8 knobs, 25 keys and pitch/mod wheels. It also comes with OLED display for at-a-glance navigation. It is definitely a high quality product which comes with the trust of Native Instruments.


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You want a bigger MIDI keyboard on budget? Oxygen is here to help! This one comes with 49 keys, 8 pads, 8 knobs and 8 faders! This one definitely has some good features. As usaual, it also come with pitch/mod control wheels. This one is definitely a great choice for piano/keyboard players.

10. M-Audio Keystation 6MK31

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Now, this is what I call a full size MIDI controller. It's the big brother of keystation mini32! It comes with 61 keys and is a great choice for full size keyboard players. It lacks pads and knobs but is better for pianists and keyboard players.

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