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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | April 2021 | Edition 1

It's April now and we received some amazing song submissions for our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. Let's see the story behind these amazing songs!

1. Take Me Back - Awlled

"It was all started when I wanted to produce a summer track but wanted to give a blend of future bass too. Then I found this beautiful vocal and started working on the track. Tried The Chainsmokers style and added some vocal chops in the drop and the final result sounded fantastic to me" - Awlled

2. Dhoop - Melodic Syndicate, Yousal, Zeerak

"'Dhoop' is the culmination of a collaboration between Electronic, Lo-fi, and Bollywood sounds. The track center's around how one feels when one starts to fall in love and how it feels like the warmth of sunlight. With a combination of incredible lyrics, heartwarming music and, ever-so soothing vocals, this track is bound to stay with the listener." - Melodic Syndicate

3. Irreplaceable - Dhruv Varma

"Irreplaceable is a song that happened too quickly for me to realise. An attempt to vent out my feelings for a certain someone. I don’t know. To be plain I was going nuts over a girl and decided to do something about it!" - Dhruv Varma

4. Yaadein - Yung Kat, Prateek Sonteke

"YAADEIN is a Hip Hop/Rap song blended with Pop. It's about how a guy is feeling guilty for ruining his relationship and wishes to fix it. I found a beat online and I liked it and I started writing this song on that beat. The beat was a sad type beat so a breakup concept seemed perfect to me. While I was recording, my friend Prateek Sonteke visited my place and he heard the raw version of the song. He instantly added his pop inputs and the whole vibe of the song changed. So we decided to collaborate on it and that's how Yaadein was made. We got it mixed and mastered at a studio and after a month we got a video shot for it. The music video is now available on YouTube and it's about to hit 10000 views." - Yung Kat

5. Time & I - HSTR

"I discovered my first gray hair at twenty-three. Wait, did the time make a mistake? What was it trying to say? The answer can be found in my inciting debut single ‘Time & I’.

I wrote the songs for her upcoming EP with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Femke Reynolds from Nashville and New York-based songwriter Bronson Bush. My debut single ‘Time & I’ was co-written by producer/songwriter Karl Adams (Rich Wyman, Liesbeth List). Producer/arranger Ton Snijders (Stef Bos, Frank Boeijen) recorded these songs and mixed them in his studio. Mastering was done by Pieter de Wagter (Stromae)." - HSTR

6. Nineteen - Darnel Parkinson

"The lead track of the mini-EP Nineteen was produced by Aftermind at Lonesome Dog Studios, where after I sent him the demo, it ‘lit a fire up under’ him and was mastered within a week. The track, as the title suggests, is about Darnel’s experiences at 19 years old, and the naivety that comes with being a teenager. Although somewhat a stressful time in his life, in true Darnel style he’s turned those memories into a positive, upbeat, and catchy tune. Musically inspired by JP Cooper, it’s a track centered around his solid belief that ‘jumping from one relationship to another' is never a good idea. The track screams summer and would be the perfect backdrop to an afternoon in the sun." - Darnel Parkinson

7. I Don't Want To Be Alone - MoYaL

"I don't want to be Alone is a dreamy chill track with some chill harps and guitars around it. The pain of being alone is hiding behind the teardrops. The longing for someone to be near us brings our deep emotions out and makes us realize our mistakes. This track just evolves around such emotions and makes you realize the importance of a life partner who devotes his or her life for the other half." - MoYaL

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