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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | April 2021, Edition - 2

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This week again, we received some more amazing submissions for our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. All of these songs have some amazing story behind them. So, without wasting any time, let's see the story behind them!


1. Keeps Me High - The Fifth, Krevix

"‘Keeps Me High’ is a really emotional track. Both the vocals as the instrumental are built around this mood. With combined styles and genres, the collab stands for something new and refreshing!" - The Fifth


2. Burn - Lost Lumens

"Simply put, 'Burn' tells the story of love and regret. Learning what you want in love and the willingness to sacrifice to make that love work. The story builds into exciting, energetic future bass drops with dub-inspired accents that will keep the listeners engaged the entire time." - Lost Lumens


3. Why Should I? - Sacropolis

"The French and German Indie-Pop quartet Sacropolis piles up with 'Why Should I?' on April 9th, 2021, the hit single from their upcoming debut EP. It's a rousing Indie-Pop empowerment-anthem, tackling the will to let go of the fear of judgment, criticism, and rejection in order to become the best version of oneself instead. 'Why Should I?' is characterized by a summerlike and danceable groove that induces the listener to close his eyes, let people talk, and free his mind. Musically speaking, the new single is another facet of the versatile and guitar-driven band. Tame Impala-inspired synth-sounds complete the dynamic and catchy melody and introduce this year's summer." - Sacropolis


4. Carta Para Ella - Okazo

"This song was inspired by many important moments in my life. i was in love with a girl, that feeling lasted about 6 years (yep, since I was 13 I was in love with her🤣). But I never could tell her what I felt about her and I had to carry with my feelings on her about all those 6 years. One day I decided to let all this go, and accept that now it's too late to confess (besides she was already with a guy) so I create this song like a letter that I made for here, because of this the name of the song (Carta Para Ella / Letter For Her). Besides I re-create the song in English." - Okazo


5. Fireflies - BeepForce, Nelur

"This song 'Fireflies' is about enjoying the atmosphere and little things on a soothing night walk during which the wonders of nature are admired, such as flying fireflies and their twinkling lights that shine on our journey." - BeepForce

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