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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | April 2021 Edition 3

This week again, we received some amazing song submissions from rising artists! This week, we featured 5 new songs on our playlist "Rising Independent Artists". Let's check out the story behind these songs!


1. Written in the Stars - Gu3ss What

"'Written in the Stars' is an emotional journey centered around trusting your destiny. Oftentimes, we’re dissuaded by others from pursuing our passions; whether that be relationships, careers, etc. Through the lyrics, we hear the push and pull of this struggle; one side convinced we’re only chasing stars while the other is focused on trusting your gut. In this hyper-competitive world that we live in today, it’s so important to chase after what we believe in with all that we have. Sometimes our destiny is written in the stars and we’re the only ones who can chase it." - Gu3ss What

2. Don't Give Up - Prathamesh Wakade

"The idea of don't give up song came to me after I found these vocals on the internet. It was actually inspiring and fun when I started to convert this vocal into a perfect song. I created unique chords and leads that make this track's style unique to hear. And lastly, with these vocals, leads, and chords the whole song became an emotion 'Don't give up'." - Prathamesh Wakade

3. PUBG - Rock Version - Ankit Shah

"This Game(Pubg) created madness, enjoyment, intensity, competition. And most importantly brought ESports to India, with that came many jobs, international recognition, and gamers back into the action. Here's my madness to the iconic Pubg Theme music. Hope you all enjoy it." - Ankit Shah

4. Begging For More - Ebin Augustin

"To be honest, making this track was an effortless job since there's nothing much happening. Under the hood, it's just a synth lead, bass & basic house drums(kick, clap, hats & snare). I tried to keep it simple yet I hope I managed to make it not sound too monotonous. A hexagon track that I listened to a couple of months ago was the main inspiration for the synth lead. I designed it with the software synth called Serum by Xfer Records." - Ebin Augustin


"Well the song’s about this guy who's crazy since a child and does all of the things and makes it great, has a really nice style and powerful friend. The Song was produced and written by Jhay me. Thanks for the support guys." - Jhay Kaay

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