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This Week On Rising Independent Artists | Dec, 2020 Edition 2

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

This week, we featured some more artists with their amazing songs on our weekly playlist - Rising Independent Artists. This is the second edition of December 2020!

Let's check out these amazing songs and also see the story behind them.

1. You're Mine - MUKT

"This song gives you the nostalgic and a hopeful vibe, something that you feel when you're thinking about that special person in your life or when they're not by your side. The electronic elements matched with the dreamy sounds on the track make you wanna close your eyes and just vibe to the song." - MUKT

2. Wake Me Up - SlingShot

"So The Song Is based On the current situation of the world. As The Vocals Say Wake Me Up When Its all over that means Wake Me Up when world is back to normal." - SlingShot

3. Full Control - AR3XX

"I got a lot of feedback on my first song, and most were stating that I should have used some type of vocals. So I did my best to find a royalty free acapella. After I found the kind of acapella I desired, I worked around it everyday, until it sounded pleasing. I made this song based on the slap house/ deep house genre too, because it was getting more popular day by day." - AR3XX

4. Thinking About You - Kalpanik Bass, Osure, Izer, Zultan

"Thinking about you was a complete new concept starring Kalpanik Bass, Osure, 2ult4n and me. It focuses on the musical theme of lofi and describes the memories of lovers who were so much in love with each other but gradually fell apart. The lyrics are written from the perspective of both the lovers. I hope audience will connect to the story and love it. Thank you!" - Izer

5. Done With It - Kleo Caplan

"Done With It is about A recent Friendship breakup, It goes Over How The friendship was and Goes through How the breakup came about. In the Song, I tell myself That Im done Being sad From the past and grieving about Memories that won't come again, It signifies Emotional Rest, Closure and Completion Over a Dance Pop beat." - Kleo Caplan

6. Moment - Feathered Soul

"For this song. my intention was to bring out more of a dark and aggressive vibe, that highlighted the more emotionally intense aspects of my personality and my sound in general. However, i also intended to maintain a soulful and melodic atmosphere around the track and used soft female vocals to create a contrast between emotion and energy. A very crunchy bass and punchy lead in the drop gives a really unique vibe to the track in my opinion, one that gets you fired up, and more motivated and inspired and makes the feeling of living in the moment really special." - Feathered Soul

7. Darkness - Ebin Augustin

"My song 'Darkness' is inspired by the Hollywood movie 'Ad Astra', which is a sci-fi movie featuring Brad Pitt released in 2019. The song is a combination of orchestral & mid tempo music with hard hitting drums & dramatic orchestration. The synths give dark & spacey vibe to the track." - Ebin Augustin

8. Trepidation - Sydechain

"Saymyname has always been one of my favorite artist. My track "Trepidation" is inspired by him too. Got to learn lot of new stuff during the process of making this track like how hard trap sounds are designed and how they're mixed and mastered. Lot of new music coming in 2021. Stay tuned! Thanks for all Your Support. Peace out" - Sydechain

9. Antisocial - Huferko

"The story behind the song is just how I feel on a daily basis. It’s a way to express all my energy that's stuck inside me. And I hope other people with Antisocial personalities can relate and find some comfort while listening." - Huferko

10. Pressure - Heurt

"I came into possession of a 1984 Korg EX-800 which is one of the really early "poly synthesizers" and just fell in love with the sound of it and wrote everything off the back of the little pulsing synth riff you can hear in the verses. Lyrically it's a song about wanting to be delicate and not put too much pressure on something that you really want to work out, because pressure is what is going to ruin it. I was listening to some strange Japanese 80s funk like 'Plastic Love' by Mariya Takeuchi (which might be the greatest song ever if you don't know it) when writing it and I wanted to capture the strange nostalgic feeling you get from the sound of records like that despite not really having any lived experience to base that wistfulness on - nostalgia for a place you never were, I guess. I just love the idea of that it seems quite poetic. Recorded the whole thing in my bedroom, I play every instrument myself!" - Heurt

This was all for this week! The last artist blog feature of 2020 will be next week! Subscribe and stay tuned for that!

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