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This Week On Rising Independent Artists

This week, we featured 10 artists with their amazing songs on our weekly playlist - Rising Independent Artists.

Let's check out these amazing songs and also see the story behind them.

1. Forever - Toxin Lash

An Emotional Future Bass track. It's simple yet emotionally powerful song, which will make you relate to the person's feeling on which this song is based. Check it out, I'm sure you won't regret it. - Toxin Lash

2. Switch - Lost Lumes

I recently made the leap and started producing as my full-time gig. It’s a daunting task, but incredibly exciting! My latest track “Switch” is a tribute to just that - I made a ‘switch’ up with the trajectory of my career and am pursuing the exact thing that I’m passionate about. “Switch” brings together traditional future bass vibes with trap inspirations throughout. Once the energy starts, it sticks - and will certainly keep your head bouncing the entire time. - Lost Lumes

3. Give Me A Sign - Corinna Jane

‘Give Me A Sign’ isn’t your typical grief track; ultimately, it focuses on finding hope even in the darkest of times. Recording the track was like letting two kids run through a sweet shop. We were picking and choosing whatever came to our minds and the track grew in a way that neither of us had conceived before writing together. - Corinna Jane

4. City Of Angels - Diamonds & Blood

The song “City of Angels” is about the evils I’ve faced growing up in L.A. , the battles of drug addiction, mental illness, and pain that I’ve over come. Being saved by the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ in 2014 and having angels fight this torment with me along the way, for everyday is still a battle and walk of faith. - Diamonds & Blood

5. How To Be Human - Twivee, Sam TM

'How To Be Human' is a fierce reminder that there's still time to be able to change your life around. It's based on a lot of self realisation that no matter where you are in your life there is always a bigger picture, you just have to remind yourself that it exists, and it's still worth fighting for. It provides agressive, and passionate rap balanced with a soulful hook provided by Sam TM - Twivee

6. Goodbye - Frequency Loopers

We started the “Goodbye” project more than a year ago. We faced so many struggles finishing the track but all that payed off when “Sheezan” replied back to our feedback mail saying “I support this track” We started sending it to labels and Big Smile records picked up on the track and gave us an opportunity to release with them. So thank you Big Smile Records and thank you Sony Music Austria for distributing the track. We would also like to thank our listeners/followers for listening and supporting our track. New music on the way! - Frequency Loopers

7. Talk (Acoustic Version) - Paula Varela

This song is based on a book a friend of mine was writing, she showed me a chapter and it was so intense I knew I had to write a song. The main character was fighting for her freedom and at the same feels attracted to someone that's basically breaking all her rules. It was a fun thing to put myself in a character that's so different from me to write this song. - Paula Varela

8. Feelings - Simon Rehak

"Feelings" - EDM track by Slovak producer called "Simon Rehak". The BPM is 110. This track was a little bit inspired by Alan Walker. Before I started produce "Feelings", I was listening his older songs "Alone" and "The Spectre". And in this moment I got an idea to make this track - Simon Rehak

9. Lucid Synthetic Dream - 4tydev

Lucid synthetic dream was made with the intention of demonstrating how I feel anxiety. Its a way of showing people how it feels to be anxious. - 4tydev

10. Ethereal - SlingShot

So It was night time and I was so bored, So I Opened FL studio and found a vocal chop sample and I really liked it. Then straight away I started to find the midi of sample and wrote chords over it. After That I wrote the chords And gave them rhythm I felt it was emotional and tropical. Then I Build the track it took weeks but it was worth it. - SlingShot

Every song featured this week had an amazing story behind it. Some were made because of emotions while other were born out of inspiration from different aspects of life. It was awesome listening to them. - MusicWithSagar, Editor - Music Thing Official.

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