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Wrapping Up 2020 | This week at Rising Independent Artists

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

So, it's the last week of 2020! This week, we featured 5 new Artists on our playlist.

Here are the songs and the story behind them!

1. Wait For You - Nyro & Slake Slagger

"This song is basically progressive house by genre. Me and my friend Nyro made it more natural by connecting emotions with the song. We tried to connect lyrics with the whole instrumental track. Hope you guys enjoy this track!"- Slake Slagger

2. Pure - Dellect

"Pure is about taking life experiences and memories into a sound that when you hear it or listen to it they take you back and allow you to appreciate them. I wrote and designed the track to give a ambient and future bass yet trap-ish feel adding a unique sound to it as a whole. With long night car rides and sun set views in mind while creating the track I really hope you can feel something with this one and let it take you on the beautiful ride it took me while making it!" - Dellect

3. Atropos - Ben Elliot

"Atropos is the third of a trilogy of songs that abstractly explore the thoughts, feelings, decisions and perspectives of 2020. This final part is based around our beleaguered acceptance and understanding of where we are at, fueled by dashes of hope and glimmers of light. Each of the 3 songs from the EP borrows musical themes, melodies and phrases from one another to tie them together, despite their different perspectives. There will also be an animation for each to further explore the different themes. The video for part one is on YouTube now." - Ben Elliot

4. Wait For Me - Albin Marc, TriTrios

"Wait for Me was my second collaboration with Albin Marc, we both make progressive house songs, we made this song combining progressive house and classical instruments to create a happy energetic mood, the song gradually developed from smooth to energetic as we add more EDM elements to it, the final outcome was incredibly good and we signed our song on 2flags Records ,this was our first song to sign in to a Record label, this will change the mood of any person to happiness ♥️" - TriTrios

5. Out Of My Mind - SAXSN

"OUT OF MY MIND" is one of my first big project when I started producing Future Bass. This song's energetic drop would make you vibe and also this song will hold a special place in your heart." - SAXSN

2020 is now wrapped up! See you next week in 2021 with new artists and new songs!

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