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Rising Independent Artists | Edition 1 February 2021

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

This week, we received some amazing song submissions for our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. Let's see the story behind these amazing songs!

1. Espoir - BY ME

"‘Espoir’ means ‘Hope’ in French. This feeling appears every time I listen to these beautiful lyrics and the happiness of this sound. For me, this track is the beginning of my real producer career, my key to becoming a professional. I started this project just by writing a simple EDM melody on the piano, and the rest was done by itself. The whole point of this track was made for touch your heart and soul, and I hope it does it." - BY ME

2. Matrix - Mollie Rose, Bojo Breeze

"'Matrix' was a true collaborative effort between Philadelphia-based artists Mollie Rose and Bojo Breeze. Producer and violinist, Mollie Rose, created the track starting with layers of violins and then building around the strings. She invited her friend Bojo over to write to the track, and Bojo completed all the vocals in one take! Matrix was created to be a song that encourages everyone to find joy in simply being themselves." - Mollie Rose

3. Journey - Adib Mixia

"My idea behind this music was to create something so fresh, so soothing to make people happy, to make them full of excitement again after the Global Pandemic. Also, the Music Video I made for this one shows so many adventurous activities and so many must-visit places that we all want to experience, showing that life has not ended, there's still a lot of things to do, there's still a long JOURNEY to go through full of ups and downs" - Adib Mixia

4. Cynical - DJ Vektor, Sikboi, Liam Hull

"Do you ever think deeply late at night about your past relationships and what you might have done differently? This song plays on that idea and tells a story of someone finally moving on from theirs.

SikBoi sent me the track initially with a slower tempo than the one you hear right now, and we turned it into a future bass song initially, and after facing rejections from all the labels we sent we decided to work on the track again and SikBoi came up with the deep house vibe drop and we decided to get some original vocals from Liam Hull and surprisingly Blanco Y Negro accepted the track. And we’re happy to be a part of BYN, I got some more solo release planned up for Feb 26th too with BYN! 🤫" - DJ Vektor

5. The Sinner - Sacropolis

"The sound spaces made of harmonious and complementary guitar lines, vibrantly hovering bass sounds and powerful drums support carefully crafted and highly emotional vocals. What could better fit this musical frame than the topic of love? The energetic Indie-Rock track is about the uncertainties of the outcome of a breach of trust. Facing those uncertainties, the song tackles a man's confession and his wish for forgiveness." - Sacropolis

6. Rise - Julian Berlin

"I intended to create a song with chill vibes who’s rising up to a big drop. It takes a bit of time when the drop is coming but it will come. You can compare it with the current pandemic. We have to chill until we can go to big party’s or festivals. But it will come back if we have patience." - Julian Berlin

7. Skate Rider - Mr. Pawar

"I Love House Music and hearing House Music. Skate Rider is inspired by Martin Garrix's record label STMPD RCRDS. It was my second Dance Music." - Mr. Pawar

8. Shelter - Leon Ellus, Anjerio

"So this song Shelter was in collaboration with Leon Ellus a producer from Argentina reached out to me, he liked few things in particular of all my productions and wanted me to work on those and so that's how it started. Hopefully, we ended up with a decent track together!" - Anjerio

9. City In The Clouds - Cruz Wilson

"'City In The Clouds' is a song I wrote to help me deal with the struggles of growing up, graduating high school, and starting the next chapter of my life. City in the clouds refers to my home city where I grew up and lived all of my life, but now I’m afraid I have to move on, or “fall out of sight” as it says in the song. “Hold on” is one of the most powerful lyrics in the song and me holding on to my past and being reluctant to give it up is what it represents in the song.” - Cruz Wilson

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