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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | February 2021 - Edition 3

February is almost over and we received some awesome submissions for our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. So, without wasting any time, let's see the story behind these songs.

1. Tu Hi To Hai - Ashkk

"'Tu Hi To Hai' is about one-sided love where a girl wants to express her feelings to her loved one but feels hesitant and keeps dreaming about how life would be if they were together. This is the first song that we started making in January 2020 and it is finally out after one year. This is the last single from our debut EP EHSAAS." - Ashkk

2. The Monster - Franki

"This song is very special to me, it’s about fighting the thing that holds you back the most to be all you can be" - Franki

3. Rebound - Nell Kenzi

"I always try to reflect my feelings and energy through the melody. The chords of Rebound radiate happy vibes and takes us on a revisit to the happy moments we spent. I just want to spread positivity and happiness through my music" - Nell Kenzi

4. Gotta Get Away - Nitro Son, Remedy Stylez, Curtis Gray

"This song is about escaping from reality and day-to-day problems that we all go through and face each and every day. Know that you're gonna get through the hard times if you never give up." - Nitro Son

5. Don't Slow Down - JUCKHEAD

"This song has happy and chilled vibes and would be a great choice for listeners at a party cuz' this song drop is energetic and hard enough to make someone dance like crazy. Don't Slow Down also has a very uplifting melody and soothing vocals which drives your mood unstressed through the whole song. With decent stereo surrounding elements in this song fairly tells the story of someone who wants to express his/her feelings with their loved ones to never leave them alone even the situation gets negative and being with them at their hardest time." - JUCKHEAD

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