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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | January, 2021 | Edition 3

This week, we featured some amazing artists on our playlist - Rising Independent Artist. As the year is passing, we're receiving some amazing submissions. Personally, some of the songs featured this week are amazing. I loved them!

Let's talk about the story behind these songs!

1. Healing All Of My Scars - Jach # Hash, Shilpa Golwalkar

"We wanted to make a positive, an uplifting song. Often we forget about being ourselves and change because we feel that is how we’ll be able to fit in this world. The song is about realizing this fact and learning to love ourselves, even our imperfections. To not waver from our goals, to have faith in ourselves, to hold on to hope and just keep moving on overcoming the obstacles in the way." - Jach # Hash

2. Light Up The Dark - CLOUDZ, Dan Daniels, Ellis Newman

"‘Light Up The Dark’ is an energetic EDM song about hope and comfort in dark times. It was written and produced by 4 Dutch people who never met in the same room, due to COVID. The song was inspired by Armin van Buuren’s ‘All On Me’ lyrically. What makes the song unique is the blend of electronic sounds and the prominent guitar parts. CLOUDZ, Dan Daniels, Klaas Zijlstra, and I managed to stir our own flavor into the song. The close-harmony vocals in the pre-choruses give the song the warmth it needs to give you that feeling of hope." - Ellis Newman

3. Sunshine - blvck clovr

"To me, “Sunshine” is about feeling the pressures of life, feeling like you’re running out of time and still seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. On Sunshine, I reminisce on times where things were a lot simpler but the problems felt complicated, how we had endless dreams then, and how I continue to dream now and seek the strength to persevere and achieve them." - Blvck Clovr

4. Manchale - Snasa, RAVEJAXX, Renée Miranda

"I always wanted to create a blend of Electronic and Indian music. Initially, Ravejaxx sent me this amazing raw idea. Although it was raw, I felt that it had the "spark" so I started working on the idea, adding elements modifying the structure, and constant back and forth. After hours of cooking, we came to a point where we felt that yeah this is it but I felt that it was lacking something. It hit me that I can do what I always wanted and sent this track to Bebaak for lyrics and he hit me back with these beautiful lyrics. I forwarded these lyrics with the rough vocal idea to Renee and Man! The vocals from her first session were perfect, with her improvisation on point. She took this track to another level. We also added a classical touch by adding the melodious alaaps sung by Renee. After hours of mixing and mastering, Perfecto! The day “Manchale” got out the response was unexpected a lot of people liked this track with loads of people listening to it, feeling it. After seeing the love for this track, I am not stopping. I will be doing what I always wanted a blend of Electronic and Indian music." - Snasa

5. Secrets - Soiree, Wern Records

"This song means quite a lot to me, this song is one of my proudest creations and I love it to bits. I also made it in FL Studio Mobile, this song is proof that you can make good songs with almost any DAW." - Soiree

6. Emotions - The Fifth, TWOFLAGS, Hoop Records

"‘Emotions’ is a feel-good future bounce track. With the support of Greg Dela and many others, the collab between The Fifth and TWOFLAGS is rising in popularity. With a very bouncy bassline, catchy vocals, and an uplifting melody, the track is a must-listen for any music lover!" - The Fifth

7. Venom - Multiverse Dj, Pixel

"'Venom' is a song which is highly inspired by the song "Animals" by Martin Garrix. This song got support from many producers and got heard by many parts of the world, reaching 1k+ streams within 3 days and it's still growing" - Multiverse DJ

8. Bliss - Nell Kenzi

"It was November when I started writing this song. This melody hit my mind when I was in the car and I sang the melody on my phone. Then I just made countermelodies and put it together and I’m glad it turned out nice ." - Nell Kenzi

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