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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | January 2021 Edition- 2

2021 is going fast! It's already the third week of the year. And now, it's the time for the second edition of Rising Independent Artists - January 2021!

This week, we featured 8 new songs on our playlist. Let's see the story behind those songs!

1. Run Away - Krevix, Wern Records

"The track "Run Away" is an emotional progressive house song with a strong powerful drop. the breaks are very emotional and take you into the story. When the story tells you to fly away and run away, then you feel the power of the drop." - Krevix

2. Jana Nahi - Mr.Pawar

"'Jana Nahi' means 'Don't Go'. The story of 'Jana Nahi' began in 2017 where I got inspired by KSHMR and wanted to make a track that gives an ethnic and KSHMR vibe. In 2020, I completed the track and released it. Jana Nahi track was the first Orignal EDM track released by me, and so it plays an important role for me" - Mr.Pawar

3. Waiting For You - Albin Marc

"The Story behind the song 'Waiting for you' was the all-energetic melody idea, the chord progression, and the 'festival vibe'. Personally, I really love to produce a progressive house track cause, I don't know why, but ya! I think this genre can give emotion and can make the crowd go crazy. There is not any special inspiration behind this track but to make this track more attractive and more viby. I thought to add a vocal and I found this beautiful vocal in a sample pack and It was sounding way too great, and behind the whole process or making of such music, I think the scene was very inspiring, creative, and most importantly learning and improving your skills. Ya, it was fun to make this song and to share some experience with you guys." - Albin Marc

4. God - Spirittxgod, Savvier Nelson

"The song 'God' is the first song I ever published. I personally made it as a joke because I am a twitch streamer and my viewers told me 'you are the king' or 'you are the god' the song also has some real stuff behind it. For example, I had a lot of people telling me that I should just quit it and stop following my dreams when I was younger. A lot of people doubted me and said I could never make anything in my life. So I sat down and let my thoughts flow and fill papers and that's how 'God' was born" - Spirittxgod

5. Rappin' Till I'm Dead

"It’s mostly pretty straight forward but the original title was Discord, about battling my own thoughts but the tone didn’t fit with the music so I changed it to more aggressive lyrics. There are still some remnants in the lyrics but mostly it’s about music/content creation being my passion and I will not give up until I die." - Xkona

6. When I'm With You

"My song 'When I’m With You' is the first guitar song I wrote and recorded. I drew inspiration from this song from this one day way back in the summer when I was staying at my bungalow. I never usually stay up till sunrise but one night I decided that I would, so just before the sun began to rise I walked down the shore onto a little peninsula that we named 'the point'. Watching the sunrise early in the morning over the calm waters really stuck with me. Quite recently I was sitting in my house looking out the window with my guitar looking out at the stormy weather when the memory of me walking down the shore to watch the sunrise appeared in my mind, and Imagined how nice it would be to walk down that path with that special someone." - Cruz Wilson

7. Space Matrix - Jester 17, Fstrck

"So, this is a hard trap + dubstep song. This song started with just a raw idea but after that, we started the real work and made a masterpiece 'Space Matrix'. This is my first release as a music producer and we crossed 1k + Spotify streams on Space Matrix." - Fstrck

8. Violent Content - Sydechain

"'Violent content' is a heavy Riddim track with heavy bass and hard-hitting drums in the drop which gives it a really dope vibe with some catchy pre-drop vocals." - Sydechain

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