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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | June 2021, Edition 1

This week, we're reaching 9k followers on Instagram and with that, we continue to receive amazing song submissions for our playlist Rising Independent Artists!

We featured some amazing songs on our playlist this week. So, without wasting any time, let's check out the story behind these songs.


1. Free Forever - Mk Muziq

"'Free Forever' was dedicated to a close friend of mine who passed away and losing her was very difficult for me to process so writing my thoughts about her in a song was just therapeutic and also helped me find closure." - Mk Muziq


2. Dark Thoughts - Astrapiia

"I wrote this song about the sort of demons around me. In a way, my biggest enemy is myself, because I need that voice to stay grounded yet sometimes I feel like it’ll never let me take off. I compare it to a service provider like I need the service, but I want something better. It always offers me something more like comfort in familiar thoughts. This familiarity holds me back and prevents me from growing when I’m trying to fly. Thank you for listening!" - Astrapiia


3. Your Loyal Minion - Feathered Soul

"This song is a unique blend of the EDM scene and the pop stage, incorporating both heavy electronic drops and catchy pop hooks. With drums that seem acoustic but are inherently electronic in nature and mellow, melodic synths and pads normally used for ballads unnaturally twisted and shaped into saws used for exhilarating future bass beats, this song is a song of contrasts. This can be found even more clearly in the nature of the songs lyrics which talk about how embracing your own flaws, and being honest with yourself. To me, it talks about myself, my lies trying to cover up who I really was, and these lies wasting so much of my time and energy, and resources. It takes a lot of courage in admitting that I wouldn't be the headstrong, confident leader I always thought I was, and admitting I was more of a subtle person in my nature, and eventually understand that, and to be ok with being judged for it." - Feathered Soul


4. Lost - Lost Lumens

"'Lost' is a high-energy future bassrack featuring massive supersaw drops, crisp vocal chops, and a few surprises along the way. The song was inspired by the feeling of going back to a festival for the first time in a long time and the pure bliss of getting lost in the music surrounded by other music lovers." - Lost Lumens


5. Gone - Desai, Claire Donzelli

"'Gone' starts with a simple, yet distinctive modulated pad and then builds with a pop-influenced bass line. After a dark chorus where I explain my emotional toll to the listener, the song explodes into an intricate reverb-laden chorus with a thumping bassline and Latin-influenced snares that you can’t help but getting up and dancing to. Similar to my other songs, the refrain has infectious lyrics that make it impossible to not grieve with me as I mourn my grandfather’s death. The bridge is led by pizzicato strings and a depressing arpeggiated lead. The featured artist, Boston-based Claire Donzelli from Palo Alto, California, expresses hope in the time of grief, ending the song on a bright note. This hope connects to the zeitgeist of the current pandemic, where light is needed in times of darkness." - Desai


6. Scooter - Holy 420

"The song in question tells of an accident that occurred in 2016 it was me and a friend of mine on the scooter when at one point we were overwhelmed by a car that was passing at full speed" - Holy 420


7. My Dream - Matt's Manic Meltdown

"This blues-rock song is all about chasing your dreams and not letting naysayers stop you.

It's vaguely reminiscent of groups like The Black Keys and The White Stripes while borrowing sonic elements from a diverse list of artists, ranging from Joy Division to John Mayer." - Matt's Manic Meltdown


8. Spirit - Cheikh the Message

"The song is really me experiencing this cognitive dissonance of what’s healthy and what gives you temporary belief/relief. Not everything that feels good is good for you, and after a while, you start to get numb to those old ways of coping. And not everything that feels bad is bad for you. Really just exploring what happens when you get too much of a good thing to the point that it’s not good anymore." - Cheikh the Message


9. Jungle - Lxgit

"'Jungle' is the song title for my (Lxgit, pronounced as 'legit') first single. Released on 1st June, the song is about the pain endured and the trust lost while chasing his dreams" - Lxgit


10. Fine - Mr Weirdo

"The song is kind of chill house, it took 27 days to make it fully finished the song, I named it 'fine' because when I made the drop it reminded me some finest memories of mine. I hope this song reminds some of your finest memories to you." - Mr Weirdo

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