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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | March 2021| Edition 1

This week, we received some amazing submissions for our playlist: Rising Independent Artists. So, without wasting any time, let's see the story behind those songs!

1. No Worries - Melodic Syndicate, Deeksha

"Letting go of the worries and living in the moment is the key to living life peacefully. No worries will remind you of how important it is for you to be out there and making the best of what you've got today." - Melodic Syndicate

2. Surrender - Lost Lumens

"'Surrender' is a very special track to me. Over the last few months as I've begun to hone my craft and find my sound, I really wanted to go back to some former projects I've produced and see if I could reimagine what the track could be - and that's ultimately what led to the creation of Surrender. Using the vocal chops I produced nearly a year ago on my track 'Try', I built an entirely new concept leveraging what I've learned in the year since the original idea was published. I'm extremely happy with how it came together and I hope you all enjoy giving it a listen!" - Lost Lumens

3. Kaise Kahoon - Animesh Modi, Niktrix

"Kaise Kahoon? is an Electronic/ indie track. It gives out soothing, happy vibes and is guaranteed to bring a smile and calmness to a heavy day. The track was built in about 3-4 months. Artists in track - Niktrix (Nikhil Patidar), Animesh Modi tried to give out feelings about unsaid love through the music and lyrics. The song consists of different melodies with unique sounds which help in enhancing the feelings and emotions of the song.

They made this song in their bedroom studio and feel proud of achieving the sound and results of the mix. A lot of time was spent in deciding the correct frequencies for sounds to be able to give the listener the vibe of the music. They said, 'we are not full-time musicians, we are doctors and it is hard to find time to work on our music full time but our love for music is irreplaceable. We are working on new music too, we plan to release them soon.'" - Niktrix

4. Possessed - Rez Unique

"Possessed is a sinister journey into the mind of a man possessed by the spirit of Hip Hop. It's a clever explanation of how music can be used to vent and dissipate negative energies and darkness that build up inside of us and need to be released one way or another. TerraBeats showed me that beat and I instantly vibed with it, it worked perfectly with something I was already writing so I just ran with it" - Rez Unique

5. Ara Ara - Jester 17

"Once I was sitting on Instagram and came across one video where a girl says "Ara Ara" and it seemed to me that this word can be made into a full-fledged track. And also at that time, a remix from Tik Tok( Phao - 2 Phut Hon Kaiz remix) was popular. And I was inspired by this and tried to do something similar." - Jester 17

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