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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | March 2021 | Edition 3

It's another week. We featured some amazing artists on our playlist this week. You can check out the playlist here. Without wasting any time, let's check out the story behind these songs!

1. Negativity - Mae McCoy

"The story behind the song is I fell for someone I worked with and he was nothing but negative towards the thought of our relationship. The song goes a little bit into covid life and how I had to leave everything I loved behind to come back to a person who would put me down. It’s about me being the only person to actually believe in our relationship." - Mae McCoy

2. Wanna Feel - Zearex, Sophia Garvey

"I made that remix as a fanboy, I really liked Sophia Garvey's vocals. So I asked her to do the remix for her song. Also, I wasn't sure about what kind of remix I should do to this because her song is not EDM at all so then I found Rezz and I just thought let's try this genre I don't know what to call it, Down-tempo? Or mid-tempo? Whatever, I tried that genre for the first time with this remix and it turned out my best work till now. So, I'm looking ahead in this genre to make more like it." - Zearex

3. Mala Vida - SO FRESC, Sausrumba

"The first idea was Sausrumba's raw acoustic composition (guitar and voice). I loved the vibe and wanted it to turn it into something danceable by sampling African percussions. The song was sequenced based on constant experimentation and drunk improvisation. The video consists of a one-take shot of reversed slow motion shirtless Lluís Saus un-drinking and splashing wine all over the place as he's bottling all the pain and suffering since his last breakup." - SO FRESC

4. Elizabeth - ANN

"Elizabeth is a song about Elizabeth Bathory. A cold-blooded murderess and countess from Hungary in the 1500’s. She drank the blood of her victims and took a bath in it because she thought it would help her to stay young. Her name stands in the Guinness book of records for making the most kills in history and yet not a lot of people know her. When I read her story I was intrigued by it because I can’t relate to her. I think those are some amazing stories to dive right in and write a song about, like writing a horror movie. Also, something that drove me to write this song was the fact that not a lot of people know who she is, which is weird because she’s one of the biggest serial killers in history. Why don’t we know her, but do we know a Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, etc. Ask people which murderess you know and they will say the names of men. So even if it’s about murder women are suppressed? That really blew my mind. And as the feminist I am screamed at me to write a song about her, because even though it’s about something really dark, people should hear the stories about women. Because we can do everything a man can." - ANN

5. Badhte Kadam - Jainam, Dhruv Varma

"Badhte Kadam is the plight of two millennials who see the world around them turn into chaos just because 'Humans' don't know how to be 'Humans' anymore..!

Desi Rap being the language of this era, this track marks a new phase in the Indian Rap Scene where you get to see the dormant anger and disgust embedded in the young hearts of our society!" - Dhruv Varma

6. Contact - Leon Kavanagh

"For 'contact' I added a funky bassline which consisted of four layers, to give a groovy style of EDM which would make people want to get up and dance. The lead is made up of two-chord layers which give that typical EDM vibe and keep you dancing." - Leon Kavanagh

7. The Right Track - Francisca

"Produced by Italian producer Jacopo Puzzo, ‘The Right Track’ is a blend of Electronic R&B/Pop. A true pop song with solid R&B influences, characterized by a sound that recalls the style of Leona Lewis and Rihanna’s earlier releases. Compositionally, you can expect orchestral and acoustic sonorities mixed up with electronic percussive elements." - Francisca

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