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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | May 2021, Edition 1

Updated: May 5, 2021

This week we featured some more amazing songs from some rising artists on our playlist Rising Independent Artists! Let's see what the artists have to say about their songs!

1. Sideway - Vizions

"This track was written last year and it’s been waiting for release. I wanted something with bounce but still beautiful. I knew I wanted something with a carnival/feel-good vibe with tons of melody. Closed my eyes and just let those vibes pour out into this track." - Vizions

2. Memories We Make - Raly

"Memories We Make is a combination of multiple kinds of music. From Chic & Nile Rodgers to Tropical House, I love to mix real instruments with Digital synth and more. I hope the vibe of the song is understood, good chill funk for the summer!" - Raly

3. Stop And Go - Mae McCoy, Justin Meyer

"Stop And Go is a song about wishy-washy relationships. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a relationship where the person contradicts themselves. One minute they want you, and the next they can’t stand you. So me and Justin Meyer wanted to paint that picture and what better way than referencing stop and go traffic?" - Mae McCoy

4. Manchale - Snasa, RAVEJAXX, Renée Meyer

5. Tower of Throwbacks - Astrapiia

"A year ago the day I released this song my old friend group fell apart. A couple of pretty important events leading to the end. At the time, I thought that it all happened for a reason. Yet, one year later, I can only remember all of the good times. I keep asking 'Is there more I could have done?' to keep us all together. I don’t know, and I will never know. It’s not solely my fault, but sometimes it feels like it. Thank you." - Astrapiia

6. ICE - Tenet

"This Song is my 4th song on Spotify and I really loved the process of doing it. It is made basically in a term we call "Doble Tempo" here in Mexico. This means Rapping at a really fast speed like Eminem or Luda Cris does. I started doing this on freestyle battles y used to have and 'ICE' (My new song) is the perfect example of speed, flow, and trap in one song. I hope soon I can do more of this style and I really hope you enjoyed this song." - Tenet

7. Dans Continent Noir W No Fear! - Jey Chris

"'Dans Continent Noir W No Fear!' is the intro of my album 'Continent Noir'. In reference to the manga Hunter X Hunter from which I am inspired. It means that I walk in the dark continent with no fear like I face life difficulties. I associate the dark continent of HxH with the place where I live: French Guiana. I made the instrumental with a sample of a hunter x hunter ost, and I wanted that the song to be a direct way to enter in my universe." - Jey Chris

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