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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | May 2021, Edition 2

This week we featured some more amazing songs from some rising artists on our playlist Rising Independent Artists! Let's see what the artists have to say about their songs!

1. Losing Myself - David Valley

“Losing Myself conveys strong feelings of fear and insecurities. The singer is nearly out of options. It’s possible that there may be a slight ounce of hope under all that darkness and pain... Maybe not though” - David Valley

2. Skyline - Joanna Finnis

"Skyline is about being able to soldier on, with or without reliance on hope itself. It’s either the grimmest flicker of light or the cheeriest forecast of darkness. Or both. Or neither." - Joanna Finnis

3. Shed a Tear - Vojtech Pureemo, Deep Nap

"At the beginning of creating this song, I wanted to create something more personal. Something that would represent me as an artist as well as a person. When I started the project, I immediately fell in love with it. I wanted a vocal for it, so I sent it to Deep Nap. I really liked her voice and the vibe of her vocal, so I asked her to sing a vocal over it. It's a song about not being able to cry. It's the first song that I released under my new artist name 'Vojtech Pureemo'" - Vojtech Pureemo

4. Tryin' to Breathe - JUCKHEAD

"The Song 'Tryin' to Breathe' was the first thing I made in a different genre. It has a very special vibe of Vintage 90's synths and the funky bass guitar mixed together for the awesome groove in drop. It's so energetic and can make everyone dance. I started making this song 4 months ago but in the mid of the studio session I started getting bored. Then, I found a cool sample to work with and got this fresh tune, and finished it. Hope you guys will like it." - JUCKHEAD


"This is my first and the only future house music, till now I've made so far, and most of my followers says it's a great track. Well, so many hours of work and anxiety were put up to make this track and many ups and down's while mixing it...but it was also much fun... To all the listeners, you might have a great day, stay awesome & funky." - JACKNITE

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