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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | May 2021, Edition 3

It's the end of May and we received some amazing submissions for our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. Without wasting any time, let's see the story behind these songs!

1. Blame - Justin Meyer

"Blame is an alternative pop song that I made over the course of about 9 months. I wrote, produced, and engineered it all myself. The song is about getting blamed for a relationship falling apart, even though you’ve been sacrificing so much to make it work." - Justin Meyer

2. Gotcha 'Til Then - Twivee

"The song represents the paths of two people taking different routes in life, the universal part is the 'who, what, and the why'. It's a goodbye, with a slight hope that the person Twivee is narrating may meet the friend/etc down the line. Twivee's initial thoughts when conceiving the concept of this were love, death, separation, desperation, and bittersweet acceptance." - Twivee

3. Leaving - Distich

"We wrote this song from the perspective of a soldier going off to war that is writing to his love who’s staying behind. This letter is to show his love that he cares for her and to console her through the hard times ahead. He is explaining in this note that his love needs to hold on to hope, and still be strong even if he doesn’t come out of the war with his life. We think this song should be a reminder to be utterly grateful for those around us whom we care for, but do not hold on to them to the point that we could break if they are gone. If our loved ones leave our lives, they would want us to be happy and still feel fulfilled, and to remember that they will always be with us in our heart." - Distich

4. Focus - Sam, Tommygothewaves

"Focus is my idea of work hard, like when you’re doing some stuff in the studio and your phone ringing, but you are too focused and you don’t want to answer anyone. The chorus means 'if you call me, I'll double-tap and lock the screen, you know I am focused, I know that I don't give up.” - Sam

5. Holiday - Nagoyaka

6. Summer Break - Jordi Martijnse

"The song is a song made for perfect summer vibes, I tried to do this by adding a party vibe to it with a chill guitar." - Jordi Martijnse

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