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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | February 2021 - Edition 2

This week, we got a chance to listen to some new and amazing artists. We featured 8 new songs on our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. Without wasting much time, let's see the story behind these songs!

1. Lost Love - DJ Raph, Jayantho, Dariella

"This track (Lost love) is a collaborative effort of 3 different artists from around the world, Coming together during this lockdown to create the sound that made 'em happy and always wanted to. The song has balanced lyrics and sound keeping the balance of expertise that every artist had to contribute towards this track. This track is about love and missing somebody close!" - DJ Raph

2. KIE - Tenet

"KIE is my third song on my Spotify career which started last year. I wrote it on the beach, at night, after a party on the new year; I started having some vibes I needed to have on paper. I talked to my producer and he understood the vibe I was looking for. Honestly, when listening to the song I really felt back on the beach at night. That eve, I was so hyped celebrating with people from all over the world, beautiful girls I could only meet there, but I started thinking about a certain someone. Remembering that love story while I was watching the sea, with my chain and a bottle of rum." - Tenet

3. INSIDE - Jhay Kaay

"It’s a song produced and master by Jhay Kaay. And it's telling the story about of one girl who is always on my mind and I can’t get out of my head but I know I need to let it out or I would lose everything" - Jhay Kaay

4. Hold Me Down - Lost Lumens

"'Hold Me Down' takes listeners on an epic journey through trap-inspired electronic music. Thumping 808s and crisp vocals tell a captivating story of the desire to be held and to be loved. The narrative evolves with a dive into darker moods - led by massive orchestral percussion, building towards a release of distorted, dub-inspired trap leads. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!" - Lost Lumens

5. Bahana - Giri

"'Bahana' is a new wave trying to unfold the feeling of love and vibe. Made using Indian elements and soulful 8D vocals which says 'Doge Bahane Koi!' to her love. It falls in Psychedelic Hip-Hop genre and the groovy 808'S will make your head knot for sure." - Giri

6. Speechless - Astrapiia

"This last year has been pretty rough, many lifestyle changes. I lost quite a few really great friends because of our differences. I wrote this song about that feeling of regret after spilling your guts out to somebody else. That moment when you finally say what’s been on your mind. How you can’t tell if it’s the darkness in the air causing people to pull away, or if it’s just you over-analyzing their reaction. When you share your darkest moments with someone else, you are not asking for pity, but understanding. If they start to feel bad for you it makes you feel stupid, thus regretful. What makes it harder is knowing they are no longer in your life, yet they know so much about you." - Astrapiia

7. Under No Moon - Josh Brugman

"This song is about surrendering. A call for help, at that moment when exhaustion takes over. The idea for the title was when the moon no longer lights the way, you’re completely lost. I think getting to this point is very important in our development, and that’s why the song takes such a powerful, triumphant turn. There’s almost a victory in being able to surrender." - Josh Brugman

8. Earthquake - Blazer

"The Idea of my song started as I found a tutorial online which helped me get an idea on how to make Bigroom synths. The synth I created immediately brought a melody to my mind which led to the melody used in the song. This melody was then used throughout the song except for the second drop and rise. I felt I needed to change it up. However, when placing the new melody for the second drop I accidentally placed it a count after the kick. This sounded better and more powerful to me so I left it in the song" - Blazer

These were this week's picks! If you want to get featured too, submit your song here.

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