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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | It's 2021 Baby!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Happy New Year to all our readers! This is the first edition of Rising Independent Artists of 2021. This year, we are planning some new things for Rising Independent Artists. So, stay tuned for that! Let's see what we got this week in our playlist!

1. Losing Control - Feathered Soul

"This song is a blend of future bass and pop, I tried to incorporate a quirkier, more upbeat vibe to it. Lush saws and energetic leads form the melody of this track, while trap snares and heavy kicks form the underlying groove that drives the track in its fast tempo. Mostly I was inspired to write a song that was chill, and easy to listen to, without losing any of that typical energy u find in future bass tracks. Hope you enjoy it!" - Feathered Soul

2. Keep On - Shaun blaQ, Ironik

"Keep On, as the title suggests, keep on fighting, keep striving and you’ll make it. That is the overall message." - Shaun blaQ

3. Cómo Se Hace El Amor - Tiny Galgo, SO FRESC

"'Cómo se hace el amor' (How love is made) is a song that talks about how a night evolves into a relationship that’s able to appreciate simple things like watching Netflix, eating Chinese food or dancing at home. The lyrics of the song had been in the mind of Tiny Galgo for a long time. The track was recorded at So Fresc’s studio, where the beat was created giving the song a brazilian atmospheric chilly vibe." - SO FRESC

4. Awaken Life - MusicWithSagar, Chakry

"The idea of this song was unexpected. Me and Chakry were thinking about collaborating for a long time on an original song. One day, he sent me a melody he made for review and I liked it. I asked him if I could join in and make a song based on that melody. And this was how this song came to life. Also, this song was made over zoom calls because we couldn't actually meet due to covid restrictions.😅." - MusicWithSagar


"I'm from kerala. So here, Hiphop culture is not a major scene. But now we have group of skateboarders cycle stunters etc. and in Kerala, support for such art form is not strong. So I did this song to know people that we have these scene in our locality or in our state. And the song name Adavu means talent. Everyone should respect everyone's talent." - VIVIN

6. Really Wish - Ido Shaked

"Sometimes we don't feel like we deserve what we have. It hurts mostly when that's a person we are in love with. 'Really Wish' is a song about a heartbreak and an inner fight between a guy and his will of getting something he doesn't sure he deserves when he actually deserves more. In the end, he realizes it. Guitar R&B licks, Fender Rhodes, lo- fi sounds, a simple beat and a catchy hook with a lot to say in it make the song almost ironic to both the listener and the artist who wrote it, saying: even though it hurts, we should all take it easy and move on eventually. The inspiration for this production was the limitations of my home studio." - Ido Shaked

7. Goodbye - Jach # Hash, Sp3ctro, Sarah Warble

"The story of the song "Goodbye" is: someone who has lost his faith in life and loses all his hope and what to say goodbye to the world. He expressed his life with this song. He want to say goodbye to his passion & to the world with one last song." - Sp3ctro

8. Fall For You - The Fifth

"Fall for you is about someone overcoming his or her feelings for someone else. I really wanted to emphasize this feeling with the emotional guitar played throughout the whole track. Together with a rumbling bassline, a vocal chop melody and a lot of percussion, Fall For You is the track where lounge and deep house meet each other." - The Fifth

9. Terrible - Multiverse Dj

"I am a rising multi genre music producer from India. I released his song "Terrible" Through Wiking Recordings on December 15 which got support from many djs. Terrible got heard by many countries reaching 3k+ streams on Spotify and got supported by many big YouTube channels." - Multiverse DJ

10. Felling Love - Nyro, Slake Slagger

"I don't know about the lyrics but I made the drop first with that melody . I sent it to my friend Nyro for the more update on my song with vocal sample and cool atmospheric break,. After second part, we make the vocal chops cool to attract more people and the drop comes with rhythmic melody and sounds cool:)" - Slake Slagger

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