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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | June 2021, Edition 2

This week, we've reached 9k followers on Instagram and with that, we continue to receive more awesome song submissions for our playlist Rising Independent Artists!

We featured these amazing songs on our playlist this week. So, without wasting any time, let's check out the story behind these songs.


1. Pepita - Sacropolis

"The Indie-Pop song 'Pepita' radiates plenty of good vibes and a summery lightness, that every one of us is longing for at the very moment. 'Pepita' reflects a coming-of-age story, somewhere between youthfulness and adulthood.

Lyrically, the track describes the feeling of being hopelessly in love for the first time, which is accompanied by certain helplessness and speechlessness. Two anthemic guitars provide a danceable facet in interaction with a groovy bass line. The rousing vocal melody reaches its zenith in the chorus and makes you sing along at the top of your lungs." - Sacropolis


2. Persephone - ANN

"My song goes about the greek goddess Persephone. She was the goddess of the spring and the queen of the underworld. She was seized by Hades and removed to the underworld. When her mother, the goddess of the harvest, learned that her daughter was abducted she became unconcerned with the harvest or the fruitfulness of the earth, so the widespread famine ensued.

Persephone’s father Zeus commanded Hades to give Persephone back to her mother. But after Persephone ate some pomegranate seeds while she was in the underworld she couldn’t be completely free. She had to come back for four months every year. Those four months you can link to the winter, and every time she returns to her mother, spring starts.

The story goes that Persephone fell in love with her abductor, Hades. So every time she’s with her mother, she misses the man she loves. And every time she’s with Hades she misses her mother. Torn between two people she loves, she lived two lives that couldn’t be combined. That’s why I wanted to write a song about her. Her story touched me so much, you have to be such a strong person to live two lives where you keep missing the other person. I think those stories about such strong women should be more heard, so my song is one step in that direction!" ANN


3. Hold On - Ealle, K.O.F.I


4. Better - Gu3ss What

"I wrote ‘Better’ to communicate the thoughts of anxiety disorder and depression to those who might not fully understand the weight that it carries. I’ve learned a lot about these illnesses over the past several years and felt a responsibility to use music as a vessel to deliver this message to others. It’s important to keep in mind that those who suffer from and mental illness would much rather not have it at all. Let’s work together to be kind, open, and supportive." - Gu3ss What


5. Lights Up - Wokl & Kords

"This song is basically a future bass song that is build up around Indian Flute 'Baansuri' and orchestral buildups with English acapella. This one is definitely a different vibe with modern sounds supporting ethnic Indian touch." - Wokl & Kords


6. Storms - Blazer

"'Storms' starts off with a mysterious tune which leads to a powerful melodic dubstep drop. I named it 'Storms', as one night when I was sleeping thunder boomed outside my house and woke me up. At first, I did not know what caused it. It felt mysterious in the beginning hence I felt the name matched the song perfectly." - Blazer


7. Rezurrection - Zearex

"This one came soo unexpectedly. I was just checking my all preset library and tried to make it work together for fun but it turned out to be my new MID TEMPO track. I really enjoyed its process. About its title, I just lost my dad in the process of making this track and its the last track my dad ever heard me making so it's emotionally connected to me." - Zearex

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