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This Week At Rising Independent Artists | March 2021 | Edition 2

With another amazing week, we featured 5 amazing artists on our playlist - Rising Independent Artists. Let's see the story behind these amazing songs!

1. We'll Never Get Old - SlingShot

"So I was messing around in my daw, then I found this vocal and I really liked it. So I built this track around it." - SlingShot

2. Aimless - Feathered Soul, Reen

"The story is about how sometimes when you're drifting, and you don't know how to get going again in life, sometimes maybe that something we need to get ourselves moving again can be found deep inside us, and all we need to do is actually search for it within, and not in external places. I tried to keep an emotional vibe by encompassing dark basses and airy pads in the intro while having a contrasting thick, bright supersaw chord in my drop to bring energy to the track and convey the stronger emotions that show how someone feels when they are aimless and don't know what to do" - Feathered Soul

3. I have a Dream - Nagoyaka

"This is the very first track I wrote when I started doing this genre. I want to always write music and share it with other people, so I chose this track title so that I never forget why I am doing it. I hope you enjoy my future music as I'm not going to stop." - Nagoyaka

4. Getting By - Cruz Wilson

"'Getting By' was inspired during an encounter at a drive-through window. I was working the Drive-Thru at Tim Hortons when I had a conversation with a customer. He told me that he had lost his job due to Covid-19 and both he and his family were struggling to get by. Instantly, inspiration struck me and I immediately had ideas going through my head for lyrics, I wrote the beginnings of this song on the back of a napkin while I was working.

Getting By tells the story of a family that is dealing with unemployment during Covid-19, something that many families have unfortunately experienced during these hard times. The song starts off with Cindy and her 3 kids receiving the devastating news that her husband had just gotten laid off. Various failed attempts at reemployment leave the family in despair as they struggle to keep up with bills and afford food for themselves and their children. After a very stressful period of time, the husband of the family receives the news that he’s received a new job! The song ends on the line 'nothing remains the same' to reinstate that Covid-19 has affected the lives of each and every one of us and it’s altered the way that we live our day-to-day lives. Although this is a story with fictional characters, it dives into the real struggles that many families have been facing due to the virus. If anyone reading this is struggling due to the effects of Covid-19, my message to you is to keep pushing through, things ARE going to get better soon enough. As long as we’re all working together this will come to an end."

5. Democracy 2.0 - Jainam

"The track has a sinister and an uplifting vibe to it with 2 energetic drops inspired from the music of Kill The Noise, Noisia, and the largely popular speech by Sir Charlie Chaplin from The Dictator(1940). Democracy 2.0 is also a follow up to my track from 2014 called 'Democracy' which made use of the same kind of atmosphere and sound design palate as this 2021-Fresh version of the same mood." - Jainam

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