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What to Post on Social Media In 2021? | Content Ideas for Artists

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Photo by Oleg Magni

You want to grow as an artist on Social Media? But you don't know what to post?

The answer is here! Here are some great content ideas for your social media.

1. Tweets/Notes/Text Posts

Photo by Polina Zimmerman

Open your notes app or twitter and write something! I know it's a little boring at the start but as you write more, it becomes a lot interesting! What to write? Write anything: Your Thoughts, Ideas, Reactions, etc. And then? Then, screenshot it and post it to your other social media account! This way, you can post on multiple social media accounts in very less time.

2. Memes

What? Memes? Yes! People on the internet loves memes. Who hates fun, right? Just pick a popular meme template and add your own sauce! Or just repost a meme from other page (don't forget to give credits). This is probably an another easy way to create some content for your social media.

3. Behind The Scenes

Photo by Kyle Loftus

Yes, just record a behind the scene video or capture a behind the scene photo from your studio sessions, band meetings or anything related to your profession! This is also easy compared to other things because all you have to start recording on your phone or take a random photo in your studio!

4. Highlight of the Day

Photo by Brett Sayles

So, you spent your day travelling or you just played your guitar on the street or something special happened with you? Share it! Just look back what you did today and post about the best thing that happened today! That's your highlight of the day!

5. Practice Session

Photo by Elina Sazonova

Practicing an instrument? Singing session? or just a warmup exercise for your vocals? Record it and post it! You can just put your phone in record mode and practice for 30 minutes and post the best section of your session. Or you can make a time-lapse (it looks cool, lol)

6. Short Videos

Show your talent or share your thought/ideas with a 15 second video! This is the time for short content. Instagram Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts - Everyone wants short video content! So, what are you waiting for! Make some amazing short videos!

7. Live Streaming

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

You are a musician and you don't live stream? What? You should be live streaming at least once a week and engage with your fans. This is probably the best way to interact with your fans! Also, you can know more about your fans while live streaming! So, what are you waiting for? Go live NOW!


You are not motivated enough to post something today? No problem! Just repost some content from other pages (don't forget to give the credits). You can repost a meme or something that you like. For example, if you like cats, you can post some cat videos. Just make sure that you don't flood your feed with reposts! Make sure to post some original content too!

9. Pictures

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile

This one is obvious but worth noticing! Pull out your phone and take a photo! It can be a selfie, your studio setup, your instruments or even a landscape photo! If you are into photography too, you should definitely showcase your skills! If you are not a good photographer, you can ask your friend with some photography skills to help you out! Don't hesitate to ask your family or friends for help!


Pull out your quotes box and share some of them! Post an inspirational or motivational quote or just make everyone laugh with a funny quote! Are you bad at writing? No Problem! Just search for quotes online and post the one you like! But, make sure that you give proper credits!

11. Stories

Do you know that Twitter also announced it's own version of stories called Fleets? Yes, almost all social media sites now have stories! So, use it to your advantage! Post what you're gonna do today or just post what you're wearing today! The ideas are limitless! If you still can't figure out what to post on stories, just google it (There's a ton of articles on this topic).

12. Community Centric Posts

Photo by Jumana Dakkur

Something just happened in the community? You want to stand and give your thoughts on social issues? Go ahead! In this free world, you are allowed to showcase your thoughts on everything happening around us! However, make sure that you don't hurt the feelings of any social groups. It's good to showcase your healthy thoughts but you should not hurt anyone's feelings for that.

13. Podcasts/Interviews/Vlogs

Photo by CoWomen

You got featured in a podcast or an interview? Or you just took an interview of your fellow musician? Share it! But, what you can do if nothing like this happened with you? Then, you can just start your own podcast and share your thoughts! Or, just make a vlog!

14. Polls

Last but not the least! Create a poll! Ask your audience different types of questions. Ask them some tricky questions or something about yourself! Let's see how much your fans know about you! Or just ask for audience opinion for a melody you just created! This is a great way to engage with your followers!

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